VTT Workspace

Welcome to the VTT Workspace System.


IE browser may propose a domain name to a "user name" field for example, "workspace.vtt.fi" or your network domain name before the user ID. Example: workspace.vtt.fi\[user ID].

Delete all domain information and write:

Extranet users:

User name: enter your user id to username field in following manner: extmxxxxx@vttext.vtt.fi ........Replace the example user id with your own user id.

Password: enter your password to the password field.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or newer browser, please read this document.

NOTE: if you copy the password from your e-mail message please note that to the end of your 'password' might easily come with an extra whitespace. Delete whitespace if present before you press the OK button.

VTT users:

VTT personnel must use the same user id and password as logging on to workstation.


Workspace login

Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your password click link below:

Change your password

Deadlock password

The password is blocked by 5 wrong attempts after which the user account must be opened by a workspace administrator:

Please inform your username via email (address: workspace@vtt.fi).


If You have questions or problems please contact Workspace support.

Workspace support mail address: workspace@vtt.fi