research and experience papers

Monday 19.6.2006
10:45 – 12:30 R1: Research papers: “Foundation and rationale for agile methods”,
  1. A distributed cognition account of mature XP teams, Helen Sharp, Hugh Robinson

2. Foundations of Agile Decision Making from Agile Mentors and Developers, Carmen Zannier, Frank Maurer

  3. Software development as a collaborative writing project, Brian Bussell, Stephen Taylor
  4. Comparative Analysis of Job Satisfaction in Agile and Non-Agile Software Development Teams, Grigori Melnik, Frank Maurer
14:00-15:30 R2: Research papers: “Effects of pair programming”
  1. Investigating the Impact of Personality Types on Communication and Collaboration-Viability in Pair Programming – An Empirical Study, Panagiotis Sfetsos, Ioannis Stamelos, Lefteris Angelis, Ignatios Deligiannis
  2. The Collaborative Nature of Pair Programming, Sallyann Bryant, Pablo Romero, Benedict de Boulay
3. Is External Code Quality correlated with Programming Experience or Feelgood Factor?, Lech Madeyski
16:00-17:20 E1: Experience papers
  1. Are Fit / FitNesse Appropriate for Biomedical Engineering Research?, Jingwen Chen, Michael Smith, Adam Geras
  2. Automatic changes propagation, Maciej Dorsz
  3. Incorporating Learning and Expected Cost of Change in Prioritizing Features on Agile Projects, Scott Harris, Mike Cohn

Tuesday 20.6.2006
10:45 – 12:15 R3: Research papers: “Quality in agile software development”
  1. Leveraging code smell detection with inter-smell relations, Błażej Pietrzak, Bartosz Walter
  2. Studying the evolution of quality metrics in a Agile/Distributed project, Walter Ambu, Giulio Concas, Sandro Pinna
  3. The Effect of Test-Driven Development on Program Code, Matthias Müller
14:00-15:30 R4: Research papers: “Issues in large scale agile development”
  1. Configuring Hybrid Agile-Traditional Software Processes, Adam Geras, Michael Smith, James Miller
  2. Rolling the DICE for agile software projects, Bartlomiej Ziolkowski, Geoffrey Drake
3. Agility in the avionics software world, Andrew Wils, Stefan Van Baelen, Tom Holvoet, Karel De Vlaminck
16:00-17:20 E2: Experience papers
  1. Augmenting the Agile Planning Toolbox, J. B. Rainsberger
  2. Divide After You Conquer: An Agile Software Development Practice for Large Projects, Ahmed Elshamy, Amr Elssamadisy
  3. Sprint Driven Development: Agile Methodologies in a Distributed Open Source Project (PyPy), Beatrice Düring
Wednesday 21.6.2006
10:45 - 12:15 R5: Research papers: “New practices for agile software development”
  1. Architecture and Design in eXtreme Programming; Introducing "Developer Stories", Rolf Njor Jensen, Thomas Møller, Peter Sönder, Gitte Tjørnehøj
  2. Towards a framework for integrating agile development and user-centred design, Stephanie Chamberlain, Helen Sharp, Neil Maiden
  3. Security Planning and Refactoring in Extreme Programming, Emine Aydal, Richard Paige, Howard Chivers, Phil Brooke