TTFF - Tailored Technologies for Future Foods

Research Teams

The total budjet of the TTFF programme between years 2001-2004 is about 13 Million euros and about 50 people work within the programme. The research is conducted by seven teams with expertise in developing novel generic technologies (4 teams) or in analysis and defining food quality criteria, especially food structure, physiologal functionality, sensory quality and consumer expectations (3 teams).

Developing new technologies

Enzymatic modification of plant materialsfermentori.jpg (17782 bytes)
Development of novel enzyme systems for structure engineering or processing of plant based food raw materials.

Team Leader: Dr Johanna Buchert

Seed factory
Development of know-how in utilization of germination for new applications, and in modification of biosynthetic capacity of seeds for novel products.

Team Leader: Dr Anna Maria Nuutila

Development of novel encapsulation technologies for plant based bioactive components using biopolymers as shell materials.

Team Leader: Dr Pirkko Forssell

Microbial viability technology
Molecular and technological tools for control of the viability and stability of bacteria and yeasts in foods.

Team Leader: Dr Liisa Nohynek

Defining and controlling food quality

Structure engineeringkoeputkiasetelma.jpg (11760 bytes)
Understanding and tailoring the factors defining the food structure.

Team Leader: Dr Karin Autio

Physiological functionality of foods
Know-how and control of factors determining the behavior of food in the gastrointestinal tract, and development of technologies and innovations for target physiological functions.

Team Leader: Dr Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey

Sensory quality and consumer expectations
Methods for translating consumer expectations into product attributes and tailoring flavour compounds and microstructure to create flavour quality that fulfils these expectations.

Team Leader: Dr Liisa Lähteenmäki

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