SAFIR2010 - Interim Seminar 2009

  March 12-13, 2009, Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland
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Final programme

SAFIR2010 Interim Proceedings


Opening of the Seminar
Lasse Reiman, STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland

Views from the EU, Simon Webster

Overview of SAFIR2010
Eija Karita Puska, VTT

Research area 1: Organisation and human factors

Safety management and organisatorial learning (MANOR):
Safety culture and organizational learning,
Pia Oedewald

Expert work in safety critical environment (SAFEX):
Knowledge sharing in interorganizational context, Eerikki Mäki, HUT

Research area 2: Automation and control room

Model-based safety evaluation of automation systems (MODSAFE):
Summary report, Janne Valkonen, VTT

Certification facilities for software (CERFAS):
Summary report, Hannu Harju, VTT

Operator practices and human-system interfaces in computer-based control stations (OPRACTICE):
Designing large-screen overview displays for nuclear power plant control rooms, Jari Laarni, VTT

Research area 3: Fuel and reactor physics

Development and validation of fuel performance codes (POKEVA):
LOCA Test Simulation with FRAPTRAN-GENFLO, Jan-Olof Stengård, VTT

Tri-dimensional core transient analysis methods (TRICOT):
The porous medium model PORFLO for 3D two-phase flow and its application to BWR fuel bundle simulations, Mikko Ilvonen, VTT

Total reactor physics analysis system (TOPAS):
Development of the PSG2 / Serpent Monte Carlo Reactor Physics Burnup Calculation Code,
Jaakko Leppänen

Research area 4: Thermal hydraulics

Numerical modelling of condensation pool (NUMPOOL):
Summary report, Timo Pättikangas, VTT

Improved thermal hydraulic analyses of nuclear reactor and containment (THARE):
Validation of APROS’ Upper tie plate CCFL correlation in VVER 440 Geometry, Joona Kurki, VTT

CFD modelling of NPP horizontal and vertical steam generators (SGEN):
CFD modeling of horizontal steam generators, Timo Pättikangas, VTT

Improvement of PACTEL facility simulation environment (PACSIM):
Summary report, Antti Rantakaulio, LUT

Condensation experiments with PPOOLEX facility (CONDEX):
PPOOLEX Wall Condensation Experiments, Markku Puustinen, LUT

Large break loss of coolant accident test facility study (LABRE) and Large break loss of coolant accident test rig (LABRIG):
Summary report, Heikki Purhonen, LUT

Research area 5: Severe accidents

Release of radioactive materials from a degrading core (RADECO):
Formation of organic iodide on painted surface, Tommi Kekki, VTT

Primary circuit chemistry of fission products (CHEMPC):
Radiolytic oxidation of iodine in containment conditions, Teemu Kärkelä, VTT

Core melt stabilization (COMESTA):
HECLA Experiments on Melt–Concrete Interactions, Tuomo Sevón, VTT

Hydrogen risk in containments and particle bed issues (HYRICI):
STYX dry-out heat flux testing with lateral coolant inflow, Eveliina Takasuo, VTT

Research area 6: Structural safety of reactor circuit

Risk-informed inspections of piping (PURISTA):
Summary report, Kaisa Simola, VTT

Fatigue of primary circuit components (FATE):
Cyclic behaviour and fatigue design criteria for stainless steel, Jussi Solin, VTT

Water chemistry and oxidation in the primary circuit (WATCHEM):
Development and verification of in situ techniques to study oxidation and water chemistry effects in the primary circuit, Timo Saario, VTT

Monitoring of the structural integrity of reactor circuit (RAKEMON):
Ultrasonic inspection simulations with CIVA version 8, Ari Koskinen, VTT

Fracture assessment of reactor circuit (FRAS):
Simulation of thermal striping in a HDR experiment, Antti Timperi, VTT

Influence of material, environment and strain rate on environmentally assisted cracking of austenitic nuclear materials (DEFSPEED):
Strain localisation in sensitised Type 304 stainless steel in simulated BWR-environment,
Ulla Ehrnstén, VTT

Research area 7: Construction safety

Service life management system of concrete structures in nuclear power plants (SERVICEMAN):
Service Life Management System of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Plants,
Erkki Vesikari, VTT

IMPACT2010 (IMPACT) and Structures under soft impact (SUSI):
Summary report (combined presentation), Juha Kuutti, VTT

Research area 8: Probabilistic safety analysis (PSA)

Challenges in risk-informed safety management (CHARISMA):
Reliability analysis of digital I&C systems in nuclear power plants, Ilkka Karanta, VTT

Implementation of quantitative fire risk assessment in PSA (FIRAS):
Estimation of pyrolysis model parameters for condenced phase materials, Anna Matala, VTT

Extreme weather and nuclear power plants (EXWE):
Abrupt climate change and nuclear power plant safety, Natalia Pimenoff, FMI