EC 5th FW: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Key Action 4: The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage

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Last update 25.10.2005

What is PROMPT ?

Through several selected case studies in all the six participating countries, we study the conditions for pedestrians according to safety, accessibility, comfort, attractiveness and intermodality (walking linked with other modes of transportation). Further, we also study the strategies and experiences of implementation of various measures to promote walking. However, it is crucial to consider how these issues work together. Thus, we will finally have an integrated approach for finding good comprehensive solutions.

The basis for our analyses is the individual’s own decision making on mobility. We analyze different user groups, climatic conditions, and cultural differences in behaviour as well as differences in city structure. The most vulnerable users and the most troublesome situations are taken as yardsticks for our analyses. Consequently, we focus on schoolchildren, elderly people, disabled people and persons carrying burdens. The selected cases have implicitly a climatic and cultural variety. Our aim is to focus more on suburbs than on city centres. We consider cases at the street level as well as at the urban level.

Each country conducts data collection and analyses of their own cases according to the previously mentioned study themes. We base our analyses on a commonly agreed methodological framework. Our methods vary from rigorous models to subjective assessments, depending on the theme. Each theme has a leader, whose responsibility it is to define the common methods and evaluation criteria to be applied for that particular theme. However, all criteria are discussed before their application within our project group in order to get a consensus on them. Finally, each leader provides a thematic synthesis of all the cases according to their own specific theme. Our ultimate task is to assess the results concurrently in order to discover holistic and multidisciplinary tools and solutions applicable for various local and general European planning situations.

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