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EC 5th FW: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Key Action 4: The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage

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National participation and dissemination

In order to boost communication between ourselves and the actual end-users, a national end-user group is established in each country with participants representing governmental and municipal authorities, planners, architects, researchers and NGO’s. The aim is that these groups will further establish an international group via the Internet. The case cities participate in PROMPT by providing necessary materials for our analyses. We are also arranging workshops for exchanging information. First, a national workshop is held in each country to gather knowledge about actual “grass roots” problems and ideas. At the end of the project we are going to organize an international workshop for disseminating the achieved results.


The project group is a multidisciplinary one, which involves architects, civil engineers, sociologists, psychologists and landscape architects. It consists of the following participating organizations:

vtt Finland:
VTT Building and Transport Transport and Urban Planning, Project co-ordination
roma tre Italy:
Università degli Studi Roma Tre Department of Architectural Science and Design
ibv Switzerland:
IBV W. Hüsler AG, Zürich, Engineering Office for Traffic Planning
sintef Norway:
SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Studies
liege Belgium:
Université de Liège Research Centre of Architecture and Urbanism
certu France:
CERTU Centre for Studies on Urban Planning, Transport, Utilities and Public Constructions
cete.gif (1491 bytes) France:
CETE NP, Centre for Technical Studies on Equipment, Nord Picardie

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