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VTT has developed national methods for environmental management of buildings and building products together with the actors of the Finnish building and real estate sector. These include the method for the environmental assessment and environmental declarations of building products (EKA method) and the classification method for buildings (PromisE). VTT formulates environmental declarations and certificates for building products according to the EKA method principles (sea also RTS and VTT certificates).

VTT is one of the pioneers in developing and applying methods of LCA for the analyses of buildings and building products. VTT is an active partner and actor in the international cooperation and standardisation in the field.

VTT is internationally an active partner and actor in the development of sustainability indicators and methods for requirement management (for example EcoProP).

VTT is forerunners in the development of life cycle information management and integration with product model design (for example LifePlan concept), (see also Information management of construction). The development of life-cycle information as part of product-specific information and product libraries is one of the focuses.

VTT has developed tools for environmental assessment tools in order to support consideration of environmental aspects in building design. For example the BECOST programme, which can be used over internet, aids the environmental assessment of buildings and underground rock structures.

VTT has developed tools for environmental assessment of building products. These support environmental management of products and environmental reporting. Tools for manufacturers have been developed for cements, concrete products, natural stone products, underground rock structures, masonry products, wooden products, flooring materials, building services systems and HVAC products, and steel products.

VTT has developed service life assessment systematics and assessment methods. ENNUS® programmes are examples of tools for service life assessment and design.

VTT is developing methods and tools for optimisation of maintenance procedures of building parts and buildings. ELINA tools are under development for outdoor walls and roof constructions.

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