SAFIR The Finnish Research Programme 
on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2003 - 2006

SAFIR 2003 – 2006 is the Finnish public research programme on nuclear power plant safety. The programme is administrated by the steering group that has been nominated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (KTM). The research performed currently in 24 projects is supervised by seven reference groups. The programme is managed by the coordination unit VTT , the programme director and the project managers of the individual research projects. The main funding sources of the programme in 2005 are the state Nuclear Waste Management Fund (VYR) with 2,7 M€ and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) with 1,4 M€. KTM, VTT,  Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), and the power companies Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO) and Fortum Oyj along with National Technology Agency Tekes and Helsinki and Lappeenranta Universities of Technology are represented in the steering group of the programme.

SAFIR research programme consist currently of 24 research projects. Two projects operate under the ‘umbrella’ of SAFIR without VYR-funding. In 2005 the planned volume of the programme is 39 person years and 5.1 million €. SAFIR is a dynamic research programme allowing inclusion of new projects or extension of the existing projects during the research year. Besides the research done within SAFIR and education of experts via this research, SAFIR is an important national forum of information exchange for all parties involved.

The SAFIR programme has been divided into six research areas:

1. Reactor fuel and core,
2. Reactor circuit and structural safety,
3a. Thermal Hydraulics,
3b. Containment,
4. Automation, control room and information technology,
5. Organisations and safety management, and
6. Risk-informed safety management.