KYT Organisation

Steering group

The Steering Group will manage the planning of the research programme, set the focus of research, and follow the quality of the results. The Steering Group will submit an annual proposal to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (KTM) for the studies to be funded by the Nuclear Waste Research Fund within the State Nuclear Waste Management Fund (administered by KTM); this proposal is the basis of the annual research plan of the programme. The Steering Group will assess the need for participation in international research projects and make proposals for the arrangements for financing the national contribution for these projects. Furthermore, the Steering Group is responsible for disseminating the research results, both within and outside the research programme.


The co-ordinator is given the task of collating research plans in line with instructions from the Steering Group, following the implementation of plans, and of reporting the progress of projects to the Steering Group. Furthermore, the co-ordinator will prepare the meetings of the Steering Group with the chair and act as the Steering Group secretary.

The co-ordinator organises thematic workshops to improve communication within the research programme, the workshops can be international, if necessary. In addition, the co-ordinator will maintain the website of the research programme