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VIRSISU - Virtual Reality in Interior Design and Furnishing

The opportunities of furnishing design are numerous because of different room layouts and because of both several furniture and material choices. It is very difficult to visualise different combinations and also it is almost impossible to confirm ergonomical and other design rules with traditional methods. A realistic virtual reality space could supply an excellent solution for interior design and marketing. After modelling a room or other space in 3D system it could be easy to test different surface materials and furnishing elements in order to find out visual impression, functionality or ergonomics. A traditional two dimensional image gives very limited possibilities to test different alternatives in a realistic space.

However, the artificial virtual space is not usually capable to reproduce details, colours and surface textures with reasonable accuracy for effective utilisation in marketing purposes. If the system is used for furniture or tile marketing the colour of a sofa or the surface texture of a tile wall should not be very different compared to the real product.

The objective of the two years VIRSISU project was to develop and test new methods and tools for 3D virtual reality marketing support system of furnishing and interior decoration. One of the main areas were thr integration of colour management to virtual reality visualisation, because not enough attention has been paid on the colour matching and colour calibration in low cost systems and not even in high-end professional systems. Also a low cost pilot system was developed and new application and development areas for different techniques and methods were surveyed - especially in networked business processes.

Virtual reality for visualisation of interior decoration and furnishing

Virtuaalitodellisuus sisustamisessa ( in Finnish)



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