VTT Customer Seminar

VTT Customer Seminar: Augmented Reality - Industrial Reality (22 March 2018 at 12.00).

VTT at Slush

VTT will have a booth at Slush (Nov 30 - Dec 1).


VTT will participate at AEW EU (Oct 18-19). Check us out at booth B34 and Charles Woodward's talk "AR For Cities" at 15:15 on Oct 19.

Annual Finnish AR Event ARea16 Organized by VTT

ARea16 is the annual Finnish Augmented Reality event, now celebrating its fifth anniversary! This year the event is organized by VTT and held at Innopoli in Otaniemi, Espoo. Visit the ARea16 website for more information and registration.

VTT and Inglobe Technologies Co-Operation Plans

VTT and Inglobe Technologies have announced that they have strenghtened their co-operation plans for increased functionality of the ARmedia 3D SDK. More details in the press release.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Meet us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 25.2. to 28.2. We will be present at the EIT ICT Labs booth, Hall 6, Stand 6A35.

ALVAR 2.0.0

Major feature release.

  • Changed license to LGPL.
  • Merged basic and pro configurations.
  • Removed time-bomb and licensing system.
  • Upgraded to OpenCV 2.4.
  • Merged external OpenSceneGraph samples as demos.
  • Added new logo.
  • Updated SamplePointcloud sample.
  • Added experimental Point Grey camera capture plugin.
  • Added experimental Direct Show camera capture plugin.
  • Refactored build system, build scripts only build one target at a time.
  • Updated and unified CMake modules.
  • Removed Visual Studio 2003 as supported compiler.
  • Speed up cmu camera capture by dropping frames.
  • Added markerless tracking based on a Ferns classifier.
  • Added SampleMarkerlessCreator to train a classifier for an image.
  • Added SampleMarkerlessDetector to track an image using a classifier.
  • Removed deprecated LabelingStefano class.
  • Removed GaussianNoise class and use OpenCV for random numbers.
  • Added ability to set camera capture resolution.
  • Removed a lot of deprecated and unused code.
  • Translated all Finnish to English.
  • Removed old and unused files.
  • Removed external build system and unified CMake scripts.
  • Added support for src, sdk and bin packages.
  • Added optional dependency on OpenSceneGraph for demos.
  • Compile TinyXML as a static library.
  • Moved several classes to their own implementation files.
  • Improved platform abstraction of Mutex, Threads and Timer classes.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010 compiler.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Fixed highgui camera enumeration.
  • Fixed DrawBB method.

ALVAR 2.0 to be released as Open Source

We have two big announcements for the new ALVAR release in Spring 2012. First, ALVAR 2.0 will be made available. Second, it will be released as Open Source. Read the full press release for more details.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 27.2. – 1.3

Meet us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 27.2. – 1.3, Hall 2, Booth G12.

ALVAR Time-bomb Removal

As most of you may know, the ALVAR libraries have always contained a time-bomb that rendered them unusable after one year of their release. Going forward with ALVAR 2, this time-bomb will be removed. Since ALVAR 2 has not yet been released and for maximum compatibility with older projects, we are releasing recompiled versions of ALVAR 1 without the time-bomb. These libraries should be source and binary compatible, meaning that they can be used as drop in replacements. To obtain these new versions, please make a new download request and look for the packages labeled "notimebomb".