Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique of superimposing virtual objects in the user's view of the real world, providing a novel visualisation solution for a wide range of applications. Mixed Reality (MR) is a more general term for visualizations and/or environments where physical and virtual elements can co-exist and interact.

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We started working in the AR field in 2000 with the development of virtual advertisements for live TV broadcasts. In the following years we expanded our expertise to applications in games, entertainment, media and marketing. Our current research focuses on applying AR/MR to architecture, construction and industrial applications. We are especially proud of being able to port many AR/MR concepts and high-end 3D tracking solutions to low-level mobile platforms, including smart phones, where the processing and bandwidth resources are limited.

Our world leading 3D tracking technology is available via ALVAR, a library for virtual and augmented reality. The ALVAR SDK and tools cover everything from marker and 2D image-based tracking to 3D point clouds and real time SLAM, offering one of the most efficient and robust solution available.

Today we are a team of 25 researchers in Espoo and Tampere, covering the whole range of research from Augmented and Virtual Reality to Human Factors, user experience and concept design. See slides.