Augmented Reality (AR) is the technique of superimposing virtual objects in the user's view of the real world, providing a novel visualisation technology for a wide range of application. Mixed Reality (MR) is a more general term for visualizations and/or environments where physical and virtual elements can co-exist and interact. We started working in the AR field in 2000 with the development of virtual advertisements for live TV broadcast. In the following years we expanded our expertise to game and entertainment applications.

Scale model

Currently, our research focuses on applying MR to architecture, building construction, interior design and industrial applications. While we keep on top of the very latest research in the world, we also do important basic research ourselves. We have mature technology and tools for marker detection and an emerging toolset for markerless tracking. Furthermore, we are especially proud of being able to port many complex video processing and MR concepts to low-level mobile platforms, including smart phones, where the processing and bandwidth resources are limited.

A general overview of our work can be found in the following slides.