ALVAR is a suite of SDKs and products that help you create augmented reality applications. At its core, ALVAR provides leading tracking technology that can be leveraged to add value to products and services, solve industrial problems or even enable next generation tools.


ALVAR is "a library for virtual and augmented reality." The ALVAR SDK allows you to create AR applications with the most accurate, efficient and robust implementation for marker-, multi marker- 2D image-, and 3D point cloud-based tracking. ALVAR provides a low-level C++ API and includes several tools that assist in the creation of AR applications. Its low-level interface makes it possible to develop custom solutions that can be integrated into existing products and services. The functionality is split into three C++ libraries.

ALVAR for Unity

If C++ is not your thing, ALVAR for Unity is an augmented reality plugin for the Unity content authoring platform. All of the ALVAR functionality is available to you in a simplified interface. You can get up and running quickly with just a few mouse clicks. ALVAR handles the 3D tracking and you can use the full feature set of Unity to render your content.


Due to its C++ implementation, ALVAR is supported on all major platforms.


Looking for ALVAR Desktop? This legacy version mainly supports fiducial markers on desktop platforms and is no longer actively maintained.