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Brochure (pdf)

The Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health Cluster

  • An exciting new scientific, medical and commercial collaboration between 64 research groups from 16 European countries.
  • Research providing a clearer understanding of the relationships between food, intestinal bacteria and human health and disease.
  • New probiotic therapies against intestinal infections, chronic intestinal diseases, and for healthy ageing.
  • Immunomodulation by probiotic bacteria and the development of new food-based vaccine delivery systems.
  • Commercial opportunities for food and pharmaceutical industries.


huutom.gif (1443 bytes)Cluster activities have ended in 2006.
This page will not be updated in the future.


This web site and other dissemination activities of the cluster are split
into three platforms, each designed for a specific audience:
Science Platform
Restricted Access

Partners within the cluster can access this platform, which contains details of project research plans, annual reports, scientific results, and partner contact details.

Industry Platform
Restricted Access


Consumer Platform
General Access

If you want to learn more about probiotics, intestinal bacteria and how the cluster's research can improve your health.