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PROEUHEALTH - The Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health Cluster
Events > 1st WORKSHOP Saariselkä, Finland

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Saariselkä, Finland, 1–3 February, 2002
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The Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health


Welcome to SaariselkäThe Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health Cluster brings together 63 research partners from 13 European countries in the quest to obtain greater knowledge of the role of the intestinal microbiota in human health and disease and to develop new functional foods and therapies.


FRIDAY, February 1

Food, GI-tract functionality and human health cluster results and prospects
Chair: Prof. Tiina Mattila-Sandholm & Prof. Willem de Vos

  • 9 - 9.15 - PROEUHEALTH cluster, Prof. Tiina Mattila-Sandholm
  • 9.15 - 9.30 - Highlights of MICROBE DIAGNOSTICS: Development and application of high throughput molecular methods for studying the human gut microbiota in relation to diet and health, Prof. Michael Blaut
  • 10. - 10.30 - Highlights of CROWNALIFE: Functional foods, gut microflora and healthy ageing Dr. Joël Doré
  • 10.30 - 11 - Coffee
  • 11 - 11.30 - Highlights of PROGID. Probiotics and gastrointestinal disorders - controlled trials of European Union patients, Prof. Fergus Shanahan
  • 11.30 - 12 - Highlights of DEPROHEALTH: Probiotic strains with designed health properties, Dr. Annick Mercenier
  • 12 - 12.30 - Highlights of PROTECH: Nutritional enhancement of probiotics and prebiotics: technology aspects on microbial viability, stability, functionality and on prebiotic function, Prof. Dietrich Knorr
  • 12.30 - 13.30 - Lunch
  • 13.30 - 14 - Posters
  • 14 - 14.30 - Introduction to new projects in PROEUHEALTH: PROPATH, PROSAFE, EU & MICROFUNCTION
  • 14.45 - Arranged and free interaction between and within projects

SATURDAY, February 2

Novel developments for GI-tract foods
Chair: Dr. Annick Mercenier & Prof. Glenn Gibson

  • 9 - 9.40 - Genomic approaches to biomarkers of the GI-tract, Prof. Willem de Vos
  • 9.40 - 10.20 - Delivery of biomolecules in the GI-tract, Dr. Jerry Wells
  • 10.20 - 10.50 - Coffee
  • 10.50 - 11.25 - GI-tract disease models, Prof. Kevin Collins
  • 11.25 - 12 - Emerging techniques for prebiotic products, Prof. Fons Voragen
  • 12 - 13 - Lunch
  • 13 - 14.30 - TECHNICAL WORKSHOP on methodologies of GI-tract diagnostics. Chair: Prof. Michael Blaut, Dr. Joël Doré, Prof. Willem de Vos
  • 14.30 - Arranged and free interaction between and within projects

SUNDAY, February 3

Consumers and foods for health
Chair: Prof. Charlie Daly & Dr. Liisa Lähteenmäki

  • 8.30 - 9 - Progress on the PROEUHEALTH Consumer platform, Dr. Liisa Lähteenmäki
  • 9 - 9.30 - Comments from Consumer organisations: Riitta Tainio, Finland; Anna Bartolini, Italy and representative from Ireland.
  • 9.30 - 10 - Coffee
  • 10 - 10.30 - Food & Health: Future consumer trends and attitudes, Prof. Klaus Grunert
  • 10.30 - 11.15 - Industrial developments of gut-health foods, Prof. Seppo Salminen


Delegates: 555 EUR
Accompanying persons: 85 EUR
One person/contractor may participate for free.


If you can't open this file, please send your fax number to Ms. Paula Bergqvist, paula.bergqvist@vtt.fi.


Cancellations must be sent in writing to Congreszon ltd. For cancellations by December 10 there will be a total refund less 60 € in expences. No refunds are made for cancellations after December 10.


You have a possibility to order Helsinki-Ivalo air tickets with the registration form. The price for return trip is 308,46 EUR (tax incl.). The prebooked tickets will be distributed at a special PROEUHEALTH desk open at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from 30 to 31 January.

The reservations will be handled on "first-come first-served" basis. Should the chosen flight be fully booked, you will be booked to the next flight.

Helsinki - Ivalo:
AY 467 Tuesday, January 29, 19.45 - 21.25
AY 463 Wednesday, January 30, 11.20 - 13.00
AY 467 Wednesday, January 30, 20.10 - 21.50 NEW TIMETABLE!
AY 463 Thursday, January 31, 11.20 - 13.00
AY 467 Thursday, January 31, 19.45 - 21.25

Ivalo - Helsinki:
AY 464 Sunday, February 3, 13.30 - 15.05
AY 468 Sunday, February 3, 22.20 - 23.55 NEW TIMETABLE!
AY 464 Monday, February 4, 13.30 - 15.05


Participants are welcome to submit abstracts within the scope of the symposium for poster presentations. One poster board will be assigned to each poster: 1 m width and 1,3 m height.

Please send your abstract of max. 200 words in Word or Rich Text format (.rtf) as an e-mail attachment to Ms. Annemari Kuokka (annemari.kuokka@vtt.fi ) before 1 October 2001. Alternatively you may send it in a 3,5" disk to the following address: VTT Biotechnology, PROEUHEALTH, Ms. Annemari Kuokka, P.O. Box 1500, 02044 VTT, FINLAND. The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.


Saariselkä is a holiday resort surrounded by fells in the very heart of the Finnish Lapland, http://www.saariselka.fi. It is lo-cated 25 km from the Ivalo airport. During winter time Saariselkä offers for example cross country skiing, 7 slopes for downhill skiing, snow mobile and husky safaris through the fells. The accommodation and the lectures will be held at the hotel http://www.saariselantunturihotelli.fi/english/ .

Hotel reservations will be handled on "first-come first-served" basis.


The mean temperature in Saariselkä in February is -12 C but it can range widely from a pleasant 0 to even -40 C.

An announcement on this workshop will be printed during the spring, and it will be distributed to all the partners.


You may enrol to a husky safari on February 1, which will be arranged after the scientific programme. Duration: about 3 hours.  The price - 89 EUR -  will be charged in Saariselkä before the safari. Please, tick a box in the registration form if you wish to enrol yourself to the husky safari. The safari includes full driving outfit, insurance and guidance. It will be organised by Lapin Eräsafarit, http://www.saariselka.fi/esafaris


You may also enrol to a snow mobile safari on February 2 after the scientific programme. Prices: 98 EUR if 1 person will ride a snow mobile and 76 EUR if there will be 2 persons/mobile. Duration: about 3 hours. The price will be charged in Saariselkä before the safari. Please, tick a box if you wish to enrol yourself to the snow mobile safari. The safari includes high quality snow mobile to everyone, full driving outfit, fuel, insurance and guidance. It will be organised by Lapin Eräsafarit, http://www.saariselka.fi/esafaris


You can rent a warm outfit (overall, boots, socks etc.) from Lapin Eräsafarit (Wilderness Safaris of Lappland) in Saariselkä. Price: about 8,5 EUR/person/day. The office of Lapin Eräsafarit is in the Tunturihotel, venue of the workshop.


VTT Biotechnology
Ms. Annemari Kuokka, tel. +358 9 456 5823, annemari.kuokka@vtt.fi


Congreszon Ltd
Ms. Tiina Huttunen
proeuhealth@congreszon.fi, fax +358 9 58409 555

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