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PROEUHEALTH - The Food, GI-tract Functionality and Human Health Cluster

huutom.gif (1443 bytes)Cluster activities have ended in 2006.
This page will not be updated in the future.

Consumer Platform > PROPATH
Molecular analysis and mechanistic elucidation of the functionality of probiotics and prebiotics in the inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms to combat gastrointestinal disorders and to improve human health

Probiotic bacteria can help to prevent gastrointestinal disorders. However, still very little is known about the mechanisms how the probiotics influence the well-being of our gastrointestinal tract. The PROPATH project selects potential probiotic bacteria that display a clear inhibition of harmful bacteria that cause diarrhea or gastric disorders. The aim is to describe the properties of these probiotic bacteria, how widely they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and what is their influence based on.
The effectiveness of these bacteria will be studied both in simulated models and within the body. The most promising lactic acid bacteria candidates will be tested in clinical trials on their ability to prevent certain gastrointestinal disorders, such as malfunction in stomach caused by H. pylori bacteria, irritable bowel syndrome or acute diarrhea in infants. These disorders are regular problems for a considerable number of European consumers.


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