A sustainable process for production of green chemicals from softwood bark

WoodWisdom ERA-NET project 2008-2010

The project focuses on finding alternative uses for softwood bark, an existing side stream of the pulp and paper industry. The aim is to develop a Bark Bio-refinery which efficiently utilizes bark as a biomass feed stock for production of industrial and consumer products or suitable intermediates, and energy. Designing the bio-refinery concept is closely interlinked to development of a technology platform suited for production of chemicals, bio-composites and biofuels from softwood bark components.

The expected results and outcome:

  • Novel functional fractions and individual components derived from softwood bark, and methods to separate them
  • Various bark components have been tested for functional properties in selected applications
  • Exploitation of softwood bark sugar fraction has been assessed
  • Knowledge on the technical and economical feasibility of developed unit operations, process concepts and products

    Contact information:

    Tiina Nakari-Setšlš, Coordinator
    Jaana Uusitalo, Project Manager




Web coordinator
Ms. Paivi Vahala
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