WP1 Business models, concepts and organizational development

The aim of the WP1 is to investigate and develop new concepts and business models for the new media services. The business transformation and digitalization of media will have a strong impact in the media business. Reusability of content in different media, social media and user-generated content being some of the challenges for the traditional media companies.
The focus of the research in 2011 will be, in addition to examining internationalization and scalable multimarket services, in investigating new value creation models and value capturing models for the new media services developed in the Next Media program. Important part of the research is finding the global best practices in the media industry for new business development.
The research related to organisational development focuses to the effects of new media services into work organizations and media companies, to new competences, management models and work processes needed in media companies.

eReading Services

Case Leader: Helene Juhola, Viestinnän Keskusliitto, helene.juhola(at)vkl.fi
The objective is to create a content- and consumer-oriented method for distributing chargeable newspaper, magazine and book content on electronic reading devices. User orientation, engaging media experience, ease of use and ample selection of content are basic requisites. The project will generate a market and a basis for ecosystems providing new types of commercial products and services and for internationally scalable business models. The goal is to influence on the standardization in the industry and to ensure migration to global standards. The timing of the project is optimal and the project consortium, with representatives of publishers of all types of media, is unique in the international perspective.
Viestinnän Keskusliitto, Alma Media, Arena Partners, Epaper Finland, Kansalliskirjasto, KSF Media Ab, Kaleva, Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, Sanoma Magazines Finland, Sanoma News, Sanomalehtien Liitto, Silencio, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Suomen Kustannusyhdistys, Suomen Lehtiyhtymä, Talentum, Tieto Finland, WSOY, Aalto University School of Economics, Aalto University Mediatechnology, Aalto University School of Arts and Design, Laurea, Metropolia, VTT Mediatechnology

Multichannel Multimarket Media Services (MuMuMeSe)

Case leader: Virpi Slotte, AAC Global, virpi.slotte(at)aacglobal.com
The objective of MuMuMeSe is to develop knowledge and know-how for internationalization of multichannel online media services as entertainment and learning services as prototypes. Besides this MuMuMeSe uses eReader devices in its prototypes and supports eReading case by offering research results from learning content point of view.
AAC Global, WSOYpro, Sanoma Entertainment Finland, User Intelligence Finland, Inno-W, VTT, Aalto ECON, University of Oulu, HIIT

Online Advertising in the context of Social Media (AdFeed)

Case leader: Toni Hopponen, Geniem, toni(at)flockler.com
AdFeed aims to research how we could use new technologies and applications - social media services, augmented reality features and location awareness - in advertising and find new revenue models for media.
In AdFeed the partners create operations models on direct connection between readers and local advertisers with innovative advertising and e-commerce solutions. The target is to test new concepts, explore potential business models and build prototypes of such media advertising services that are tailored for transforming media companies internationally.
Geniem, Aamulehti, Otavamedia, Alma Mediapartners, VTT, Tampereen Yliopisto / CIRCMI

Building exchange rates for media currencies - Mobime

Case leader: Katariina Uljas-Ahl, Dagmar, katariina.uljas-ahl(at)dagmar.fi
Mobime aims to create national know-how about merging media data. The objective is further to develop a comparative currency or exchange rate for media use in Finland and for monitoring every day media experience by merging existing media currencies, to build a data model for the merged currencies, and to demonstrate an on-demand and user-friendly reporting and visualisation system. Another objective is to measure the impact of all, (traditional and new media) marketing communications, especially advertising, in different media.
Dagmar, Finnpanel , Sanoma Entertainment Finland, Sanomalehtien Liitto, TNS-Gallup , JC Decaux, Kustannus Oy Aamulehti, Mainostajien Liitto, MTV, Sanoma News, Radiomedia, MFabrik, VTT, Aalto ECON

Generic research

Global best practice benchmark of digital cross-media service concepts and business models (2011)

Task leader: Jari Salo, Aalto ECON, jari.salo(at)hse.fi
Generic research will focus in investigating the global best practices of new media services and their underlying business models, value creation and capturing concepts. Selected leading cross-media services, media concepts and business models are analyzed from the business concept and model point of view including Ecosystem of the service, Paid content services and their revenue models, Advertising services and their revenue models, Mobile content and advertisements (including mobile media devices like iPad and eReaders), Entertainment and learing services, Social media and community based services, and Internationalization of the service.

Dynamic business models and value chains (2010)

Task leader: Seppo Leminen, Aalto ECON, seppo.leminen(at)aalto.fi
The research task focuses on research and development of business, value chains and ecosystems in the disruptive transformation of media business. The main objective is to study and develop new dynamic business models and concepts with respective earnings models. Getting consumers and user communities to participate and integrating them into a part of the operations model is one of the main challenges because consumers and users act in different roles in these models. In addition, the degree of openness may vary. These factors offer significant new possibilities in developing more divergent and versatile business.

Organizational development (2010)

Task leader: Stina Immonen, Aalto SCI, stina.immonen(at)tkk.fi
The research task focuses on studying the organizational requirements for new service models and processes based on international research data, especially which kind of new competences will be required in future service processes and related tasks and roles. The role of generic research will be highest in the first programme year after which the emphasis will shift to case-specific application.

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