WP4 Media content access, production processes and tools

The theme of WP4 is content management in large volume production. The topic is multi-faceted: the solutions require automated but also flexible interoperability of technical tools, work processes and company networks. Successful content management supports breaking of the limits of what media content is in terms of product and service innovations and multi-use of content. Examples include topic and element based (as a distinction from brand based) products and services.
The overall objective of WP4 is automation of multimodal content management in crossmedia production in a manner which helps remove the semantic gap between needs and technological affordances.

Crossmedia solutions

Case leader: Riku Makkonen, Sanoma Magazines, riku.makkonen@sanomamagazines.fi
The overall business oriented objective is to support development of products and services which bring added value by optimizing and extending access to media content. The research has the goal of providing the necessary new knowledge for achieving this by generating understanding at the intersection of users, user roles, content types and technological platforms.
Sanoma Magazines Finland, Anygraaf, Lingsoft, Osumus, STT-Lehtikuva, Yleisradio, Aalto SCI, Aalto TAIK, Tampereen Yliopisto, VTT

Generic research

Content description and categorizing (2011)

Task leader: Stina Westman, Aalto SCI, stina.westman@tkk.fi
The generic research in WP4 is in the area of content description and categorization which is at the core of crossmedia access solutions. Content category information is needed both during the production process as metadata, and as content description for creating different end-user services. The generic research is carried out as an international benchmarking study which compares practices in multimedia and multimodal content description and categorization in companies representing different media sectors in Finland and Canada.

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