Next Media Programme structure 2010-2011

The activities in Next Media are based on cases in which groups of companies co-operate with research parties in order to resolve a specific business oriented research challenge. Cases can go on for one year or they can extend over several years depending on the complexity of the problem. Cases are selected on ground of main business goals of Next Media.
The research work has been divided into four research themes, the area of which cover the research challenges of Next Media from business models to access of large media data reserves. Research themes are stationary and they cumulate the findings from separate cases together for the use of the parties.
The major research themes (green) and key business areas (blue) in Next Media programme are presented below. Research themes cover all aspects of the media production, from media content access to operative processes and to business models as well as user experience. The major Finnish media companies as well as all major Finnish research organizations participate in the research work. The research is implemented in several research cases in a close co-operation with the companies.

Work packages contain one or more company driven cases and generic research.

WP1 Business models, concepts and organizational development

  • eReading Services (eReading)
  • Multichannel Multimarket Media Services (MuMuMeSe)
  • Online Advertising in the context of Social Media (Adfeed)
  • Building exchange rates for media currencies - Mobime
  • Generic research:
    • Global best practice benchmark of digital cross-media service concepts and business models (2011)
    • Dynamic business models and value chains (2010)
    • Organizational development (2010)
WP2 Social interaction, co-creativity and user experience
  • Ubimedia
  • Play Society (started 2011)
  • Stereoscopic 3D (S3D)
  • Generic research:
    • Media co-experience (2011)
WP3 Profiling, context awareness and content adaptation
  • Event Management
  • Hyperlocal Content
  • Generic research:
    • Creating, utilising and updating the semantic portable profile (2011)
    • Profiling in web 2.0 (2010)
WP4 Media content access, production processes and tools
  • Crossmedia solutions (Crossmedia)
  • Generic research:
    • Content description and categorizing (2011)

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