Hyperlocal (WP3)

WP leaders: Santtu Parkkonen, Helsingin Sanomat, santtu.parkkonen(at)sanoma.fi & Caj Södergård, VTT, caj.sodergard(at)vtt.fi
Project Manager: Tuukka Muhonen, Helsingin Sanomat, tuukka.muhonen(at)sanoma.fi
Next Media work package 3 investigates hyperlocal content production and distribution solutions of the future. New technologies, devices and newsroom work processes enable new business models and concepts to emerge. Crowdsourcing and new technology solutions lower the newsroom costs and we are able to create interesting content faster and more accurately than ever. The work package divides into six tasks.
Partners: Helsingin Sanomat, Clear Channel, Undo, STT-Lehtikuva, Forum Virium, Huittisten Sanomalehti, Lingsoft, 2General, Aalto TAIK, Aalto SCI, VTT, Tampereen Yliopisto /JRDC, Helsingin yliopisto, Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto /IHTE
Augmented reality in content and advertising
Augmented reality in content and advertising investigates the usage of augmented reality technology in mobile service. The goal is to create a mobile application prototype that uses journalistic content, open data and location based advertising.
Upscaling hyperlocal to glocal
Upscaling hyperlocal to glocal task investigates new kind of local and communal service concepts potential to expand nationwide. Aim is to test local concept from Huittinen in other regions.
Community management
Community management task investigates the way audience can participate in creating and curating media content. Aim is to research and develop new tools and methods that can make crowdsourcing easier, cheaper and more efficient for media companies.
Open data ecosystem
Open data ecosystem task investigates open data business models and utilizing open data in journalism. Aim is to test different business models and create standards for data visualizations. Goal is also to create ABC-type of guide for utilizing open data in journalism.
Interactive city screens
Interactive city screens task develops new kind of interactive concept for public city screens which combines journalistic content and advertising. Goal is to pilot different kind of content combinations and business models.
Software Newsroom
Software Newsroom task will help editors to find interesting and relevant topics faster. This task develops algorithms and software which produce news entities and in later stage even news automatically from unstructured data.

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