WP2 Media experience, social interaction and co-creativity

The constant development of new digital technologies brings new opportunities for the media field. However, what is most important is to understand how they can become part of people’s everyday life as newspaper or TV became and what kinds of experiences they are expected to provide. This consumer understanding will help media companies to design services that people are willing to pay for and that attract advertisers. Customer knowhow will also increase the competiveness of Finnish media companies and create new international business networks.
The objectives of WP 2 are to cumulate understanding on what kinds of emerging use habits new digital media services can enhance as part of peoples everyday life and in that way identify new business and partnering opportunities, to explore what playfulness could mean in future media services, to understand what makes a good 3D viewing experience, and to understand media co-experiences.


Case leader: Kristina Hännikäinen, Aller, kristina.hannikainen@aller.fi
The overall aim of Ubimedia is to identify new business opportunities and co-design with users media services based on ubiqitous computing technologies. The focus is on four different ubimedia themes: 1) context-sensitive community services 2) augmented reality and print 3) ubiquitous social-TV services and 4) ubiquitous direct marketing.
Aller Media, Seed Digital Media, Undo, Alma Media, VTT, HIIT

Play Society (started 2011)

Case leader: Jussi Holopainen, Nokia Research Center, jussi.holopainen@nokia.fi
Play Society is about understanding how and why something becomes playful. This is achieved with a series of prototypes and experiments that focus on the critical tipping point between playful and non-playful. Also, project focuses on understanding what the social dimensions of playful experience are, and how playfulness facilitates co-experience.
Experiments include user tests with prototypes and questionnaire-based data collection and analysis. Ultimately, project delivers general recommendations related to playful design. When we understand better how and why, then we can create better and more enjoyable designs and interfaces for games, media in general, software, and beyond.
Nokia, Sanoma News, Neogames, HIIT, Tampereen Yliopisto, Aalto ECON

Stereoscopic 3D (S3D)

Case leader: Miska Hannuksela, Nokia, miska.hannuksela@nokia.fi
S3D is addressing to 3D stereoscopic and autostereoscopic high quality content creation for different media (movies, TV, mobile, web). It is to discover the optimal content production and compression methods and to learn the right parameters for acceptable, comfortable and good viewer experience through subjective testing.
Nokia, Undo, Stereoscape, Great Apes, Aalto SCI

Generic research

Media co-experience (2011)

Case leader: Anu Kankainen, HIIT, anu.kankainen@hiit.fi
This work will address the topic of media co-experience. Currently the dominant approach in media use studies and in user experience research is to focus on individual experiences and on single-user situations. However, it is crucial for the media industry to understand the social dimensions of everyday media use. People typically use, create, share and experience media in groups and therefore most media use is fundamentally co-experienced. There remains a significant research gap in understanding what makes a satisfying media co-experience.
We will study media co-experience in the domains of online video services and digital television. The goal is to measure and analyze how social aspects such as perceived simultaneity, awareness of friends and family members, and physical proximity influence video consumption experience.

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