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Novel enzyme-aided extraction technologies for maximized yield and functionality of bioactive components of consumer products and ingredients from by-products

Contract number: QLk1-CT-2002-02364

The general objective of the MAXFUN project is to develop novel processing technologies for fruit and berry processing industry. The results in maximised exploitation of the quality and healthiness of the raw materials with concominant improvement in the processability on minimisation of the waste formation.

The main expected achievements

  • Improving the quality and health promoting effects of fruit based products, such as juice and wine
  • Development of novel enzyme-aided processing technologies for the fruit and berry industry
  • Development of novel enzyme products for fruit and berry processing and waste upgrading
  • Elucidation of the bioactivity of the isolated components subjected to physiological conditions
  • Understanding the impact of the utilised technologies on final consumer choice respect


p.gif (830 bytes) Prof. Kaisa Poutanen, Coordinator
p.gif (830 bytes) Mrs. Mirja Mokkila, Project Coordinator


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Ms. Paivi Vahala
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