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Finnish commitment and competence in nuclear energy

Finland is committed to nuclear energy, especially light water reactor technology, and this situation will remain unchanged for decades to come.

Strong national competence has been built and maintained in areas such as safety and economic utilisation of nuclear energy. Finnish achievements in terms of plant performance and power upgrades are recognised worldwide. Like-wise, Finnish work on reactor safety has been highly innovative and groundbreaking, both in terms of ambitious, but realizable, safety requirements and regulatory practices, and national research & development efforts at state-of-the-art level or even beyond.

This is particularly true for critical areas such as reactor dynamics, accident analyses, innovative experimental research on safety systems, severe accidents and external threats (airplane crash). Thorough knowledge in performance analysis of structural materials has made the life extension of the Finnish nuclear power plants possible. In the field of light water reactors, Finland has through decades exerted significant international influence on the development of especially reactor safety.

 2 February 2015
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