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BeCost is a www-based tool for life cycle assessment of building structures and for the whole building.

The program includes:

   Environmental profiles, costs and maintenance costs of building materials produced in  Finland ,

        The structures for designing outdoor walls, indoor walls, roofs, floors, etc.

        Material quantity calculations

        Environmental profile calculation for designed structure

        Result as plot of environmental profile (emissions), energy- and raw-material use, and cost impact for the structure and whole building.

BeCost is an easy to use program - the user should first define the building by making relevant choices, by choosing the structure and materials, by giving the volumes in m2 and by choosing the service life of the building.

This can be used for different purposes:

  • to examine the ecological effect of building choices related to materials used and service life of the whole building (designer and constructors use);
  • verifying environmental characteristics' fulfillment, if such has been demanded (designer use);
  • for owners to examine their building's environmental profiles (owner use);
  • checking the affect of care, maintenance and repairing actions on the environment;
  • comparing environmental profiles of structures having the same functional units; and
  • comparing environmental impacts of produced- and competing materials in certain structure or building (use of building material producer).

Cover page of the BeCost tool

Page for structure design

Calculation page

Environmental profile for the designed structure (emissions).


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