Control and exploitation of enzymes for added-value products

COST 928

Chair person
p.gif (830 bytes) Prof. Johanna Buchert

Dr. Craig B. Faulds

pixel.gif (807 bytes)European food industry must continuously increase its competitiveness by implementing more advanced technologies for processing and creation of added value to the final products. Enzymes offer a sustainable, specific processing tool to food industry. Due to the specificity of enzymes, a variety of chemistries can be obtained by controlled action of these bio-tools in the food matrix. As a result of rapid development of biotechnological methods, novel enzymes and activity types can be isolated from nature for subsequent exploitation in different process stages. The full exploitation of these novel biotools in processing requires thorough understanding of the reaction mechanisms involved in both micro- and macroscale.

 The objective of the Action is to develop novel enzymes and tailored bioprocessing technologies for especially cereal, berry, fruit and vegetable and proteinaceous (dairy, meat, fish) food raw materials in order to obtain higher-quality food products. The objectives of the Action will be achieved by gathering the dispersed expertise within enzyme-aided food processing to a coherent Action.


Web coordinator
Ms. Paivi Vahala
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