Work group 2, Technology

Technology Novel ways of combining print with digital and using printed functionality The main objective in this working group is to provide most recent technological knowledge in relation with future use of print media and packages. Separate seminars and workshops will be arranged for discussing the possibilities provided by different ways of combining print with digital and by printed functionality. Special emphasis will be but on case studies, pilots and demonstrations with practical experience of utilizing novel technological possibilities. The aim is in seeking for new application areas for demonstrated solutions.

"PRINTED SENSORS STATE OF THE ART AND THE LATEST TRENDS", Danijela Randjelović, Tadeja Muck, Grigoris Kaltsas, Proceedings and the Book of Abstracts of the 2nd APOSTILLE Workshop on "Printed, flexible and nano electronics", 9-11 May 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia. The slides are here.

Agenda 11th February 2014

Cross Media Integration 13th May 2014 Final Agenda