Work group 1, Customers and Users

Customers and users Effect of the changing media use habits on traditional media. This working group aims at combining information from several national studies on how the internet has affected the use of traditional media. There are several studies looking at the implications from very different viewpoint and from very different fields of science. Some studies are concentrating on well-defined and narrow areas (e.g. user generated content in newspapers) whereas others are looking at the whole media use environment with respect to the behaviour of the consumers. The seminars and workshops will be designed to attract researchers and representatives from the industry to share their experiences, comment on the results and combine their viewpoints. Different players from the value chains of print media and packages will be invited to join the discussion on future possibilities in this working group. Depending on the readiness of the technology for industrial applications, the seminars and workshops organized by this working group will be designed to enhance the possibilities for novel innovative products and services both in the short and long term. Better understanding of the customer needs will also offer excellent grounds for creating ideas for service business.