COST FP1104 meeting in Swansea
September 9th and 10th 2014



Tuesday, 9th September 2014 at Hotel Marriott
8:30 9:00 Registration

Plenary session 6: Users and user experience, Chair: Nils Enlund
Is legibility of typefaces designed for screen use the same for all languages?,
Pušnik, N., Kovačevi&cacute, D., Brozovi&cacute, M., Možina, K.
Visual perception and recollection of pictures in packaging design,
Nikolaus, U., Bendlin, S.
Novel services for the publishing sector through co-creation with users,
Mensonen, A., Grenman, K., Seisto, A., Vehmas, K.
End user views on the environmental sustainability of print media,
Seisto, A., Federley, M., Aikala, M.

10:40-11:05 Coffee break

11:05-12:45 Session 7 B: Interactive media (COST), Chair: David Frolich
The development of media use habits - from childhood to adults,
Kuusisto, O., Kuula, T., Seisto, A.
Investigating the Effects of Publishing Approaches Using Print, Electronic and
Augmented Reality Media on User Experience,
Fedorovskaya, E., Yu, L.
Narrative engagement and reading performance on digital and printed platform,
Nurmi, O., Laine, J., Kuula, T.
AudioCanvas: Interactive Audio Photos,
Robinson, S., Pearson, J., Jones, M.

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Plenary session & and closing, Chair: Anu Seisto
Invited presentation: Winning paper from Chemnitz Printing Future Days 2013
Printable magnetic sensors,
Karnaushenko, D., Stöber, M., Karnaushenko, D., Makarov, D., Schmidt, O. G.
COST keynote 1: Printed energy harvesting systems for ubiquitous electronics,
Lupo, D., Li, M., Lehtimäki, S., Tuukkanen, S.
COST keynote 2: Printed Batteries - a Challenge for Electrochemists and Printers,
Krebs, M., Wendler, M., Hübner, G.
Presentation of the 2015 conference, Anu Seisto
Wrap-up and closing of the conference, Timothy C. Claypole and Anne Blayo

15:30-17:30 Innovation workshop together with COST and iarigai

20:00 Dinner at Hotel Marriott
Wednesday, 10th September 2014 at Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC), Swansea University
9:00-10:30 Presentation of Summer schools
Printed electronics, Johanna Lahti
User experience, Claire Gauzente
Use of Print Media and their Digital Equivalents by European E-Audience: a comparative study of nine European countries,
Hillel Nossek
Functional printing on paper,
Matija Mraovic
Experiences and guidelines for STSM’s
New COST Action, Sanne Tiekstra

10:30-12:45 WG meetings
Project preparation meetings

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Joint discussion of future plans

15:00-16:00 MC meeting