COST FP1104 meeting in Montegrotto April 10th and 11th 2014


Thursday, 10th April 2014

8:30-9:00    Registration

9:00-10:30  Welcome
Prof. Mauro Pascolini, Chair of the Department of Human Sciences, University of Udine
Keynote speakers:
Kevin Barnhurst, Professor and Chair of Communication in the Digital Era, University of Leeds (Presentation is HERE)
Jürgen Steimle, Head of the Embodied Interaction Group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Visiting Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab (Presentation is HERE)

10.30-11:00  Coffee break

11:00-12:30  Presentations WG1, Users
Claire Gauzente, University of Nantes “QR code on packaging: an empirical investigation of its impact on building consumer community” (Presentation is HERE)
Leopoldina Fortunati (University of Udine) and Sakari Taipale (University of Jyväskylä) “QR codes as bridging technology between print newspapers and the online world” (Presentation is HERE)
Hristina Lasheva, UTCM-Sofia, “Media landscape in Bulgaria” (Presentation is HERE)
John O’Sullivan, Dublin City University, "Print news sense: from stubborn resistance to cultural continuity" (Presentation is HERE)

12:30-13:30  Lunch

13:30-15:00  Kim Schroder, University of Roskilde “The consumption of news as democratic resources” (Presentation is HERE)
Presentations WG2, Technology
Martti Toivakka, Åbo Academy University “Paper electronics” (Presentation is HERE)
Sven Forsberg and Mikael Gulliksson, Mid Sweden University, “New materials for conductive inks; Applications and visions” (Sven Forsberg´s presentation is HERE, Mikael Gulliksson presentation is HERE)
Jon Rogers, University of Dundee, “Role of paper in the web of things”.
15:00-15:30  Coffee break

15.30-17:30  Presentations WG3, Content
Annakaisa Kultima, University of Tampere ”MurMurs: the talking, tweeting seats designed to make your office fun” (Presentation is HERE)
Anu Seisto, VTT ”History of Turku (Åbo) with Augmented Reality” (Presentation is HERE)
Macu Arnedillo-Sánchez, Trinity College Dublin, ”From real life to ‘Second Life’ bringing the gap in visual arts inquiry: Examining the impact of 3D virtual worlds regarding scale, movement and mood”

20:00 Dinner
Friday, 11th April 2014
9:00-11:00  Industry presentations
Janet Preston, Imerys, Innovation, the Key to Success in Answering the Future Challenges of the Paper Industry, (Presentation is HERE)
Béatrice Klose, Intergraf, "The European printing industry - Facts – Challenges – Research Needs" (Presentation is HERE)
Sante Conselvan, ATIF (Presentation is HERE)
Arie Hooimeijer, KCPK
Graziano Terenzi, Inglobe Technologies, Augmented Reality and Objects Semantics The World is Medium (Presentation is HERE)

11:00-11:30  Coffee break

11:30-13:00  WG meetings
Project preparation meetings

13:00-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:30  Joint discussion of future plans

16:00-17:00  MC meeting