1st meeting, Espoo 10/2012

Preliminary program for the 1st COST meeting FP1104

Mon Oct 15

9:00 Coffee and registration
9:20 Anu Seisto: Opening of the seminar


9:30 David Frohlich: Augmented paper project (Presentation)
9:50 Leopoldina Fortunati, Jane Vincent, Sakari Taipale and Manuela Farinosi: Does the experience of reading and writing on paper and on the keyboard/screen differ (Abstract / Presentation)
10:10 Agnes Urban: xx
10:30 Juliane Kirchner: Interpersonal Communication and Media - selected fields of research (Abstract / Presentation)

10:50-11:10 Coffee + refreshments

11:10 Maiju Aikala:Owela as a co-innovation tool (Abstract /Presentation)
11:30 Discussion


11:50 Tim Claypole: Improving the accuracy and precision of flexography for the printing of flexible electronic features
12:10 Marta Klanjsek Gunde: The role of materials science in combining print with digital (Abstract /Presentation)

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Tadeja Muck: Recycled Papers, Cardboards and Foils as Materials for Printed Electronics (Abstract / Presentation)
13:50 Grigoris Kaltsas: Main Directions and Activities of the microSENSES Laboratory – Towards Printed & Flexible Sensors (Abstract / Presentation)
Branka Lozo: Chromogenic inks for packaging labels application
(Abstract / Presentation)
14:30 Danijela Randjelovic: Multipurpose thermopile-based MEMS sensors and AFM application in characterization of printed layers (Abstract / Presentation)

14:50-15:10 Coffee + refreshments

15:10 Marketa Drzkova and Tomas Syrovy: Research in Printed Electronics and Smart Packaging at the University of Pardubice (Abstract / Presentation)
15:30 Michal Vesely: Research activities of Laboratory of photochemistry, Brno University of Technology (Abstract / Presentation)
15:50 Mari Nurmi: Research activities at the Center of Functional Materials, Åbo Akademi (Abstract / Presentation)
16:10 Mikael Gulliksson and Sven Forsberg: “Live Paper” -R&D projects inside the academy
16:30 Discussion

19:00 Dinner at Kellarikrouvi

Tue Oct 16


8:30 Coffee

9:00 Frans Mäyrä: The Evolution of Mixed Reality Mobile Play: The Support for Playfulness in Pervasive Social and Game Applications
9:20 Annakaisa Kultima: Hybrid Dimensions in Toys and Games
9:40 Staffan Björk: Mixed reality games
10:00 Paolo Menesatti and Corrado Costa: Printing food: media to eat (Abstract / Presentation)

Coffee + refreshments

10:40 Amelia de Gotzen: Paper driven interaction: electronically augmented popup books
11:00 Claire Gauzente: Perception of Augmented Reality in France and Russia
11:20 Anu Seisto: Augmented Reality in print advertising
11:50 Sanne Tiekstra: Slim and Smart Supply Chains
(Abstract / Presentation)
12.10 Discussion

Closing of the seminar

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:30 MC meeting