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Dr Anu Seisto

Dr. Anu Seisto has a doctoral degree in Pulping Technology from Helsinki University of Technology (1998). She is currently Principal Scientist and Team Leader of Users and Media team at VTT. She started her career by looking at the possibilities of utilizing organic solvents for producing paper for publishing and packaging purposes. In 2001 she started a new group at the research institute for the Finnish forest industry (KCL), to study the future use of paper based materials. The group concentrated on consumer studies and utilized methodology to study consumer perception and human technology interaction. In 2009 the whole group moved to VTT, the Technical Research Institute in Finland and continued consumer studies in the field of Media Technology. The focus was shifted towards Smart Interaction Solutions in 2012. The main focus in the studies of the Users and Media team is in Human Technology Interaction, User Experience and in collaboration tools (mainly Owela) to involve the users in the innovation and development processes. Since 2001 the group has produced 9 MSc Theses works, 1 PhD, more than 40 conference papers and several confidential reports for the Finnish forest industry.

Contact Information:
Users and Media
Vuorimiehentie 3, PL 1000, 02044 VTT
Tel.: +358 40 547 1609
email: anu.seisto(at)