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User Requirements for CONSORTIS

What are they?

It has long been recognised that “User Needs” can only be recognised if a user says, in their own word, “I’d like one of those, with these characteristics”! Builders, manufacturers, technologists and CONSORTIS Partners don’t define user needs even though we may have a good idea as to what types of thing they may include.

Why are they essential?

The CONSORTIS system is intended to be strongly guided by the requirements for airport security, enabled by, not driven by, technology. So we can’t guess what users want. We have to ask them.

It is also the first stage in the Systems Engineering approach which guides the whole design for the CONSORTIS project. Towards the end of the project we can use these requirements to test the implementation, to answer the question “so does this now actually meet the needs of real prospective users”

What progress has been made?

The requirements capture team, led by the UK partner, InnovaSec, conducted face to face interviews with a large range of representative stakeholders throughout 2014. They were drawn from major transport hubs, regional airports and other stakeholders. The stakeholder list included:

  • Regulators
  • Airport Operators
  • Industry experts (suppliers)
  • Operators (of equipment)

We also took the views of the travelling public into account from a number of large scale surveys conducted in the US and Europe.

All interviews were conducted under conditions of anonymity under ‘the Chatham House Rule’. Also the issues discussed were security sensitive and will not be placed in the public domain.

The project consortium would specifically like to thank all who participated and gave so freely of their time.

As a result we believe that we have a balanced perspective of what users and regulators genuinely need and we welcomed the helpful responses, particularly to the open questions about the biggest issues that interviewees face.

These results have been reported, reviewed and finalised in two internal deliverables in the project at the 6 and 12 month points.

How are they used?

The project has followed a logical flow towards technical requirements from the user requirements. There are many ways of doing this under the general title of Systems Engineering as shown below:

The CONSORTIS project has produced a detailed Systems Requirement and a number of candidate architectures. These have been compared with the user requirements and after a small number of iterations this informed the CONSORTIS design that is now being built by the partners.

We look forward to sharing the CONSORTIS product with our stakeholders where we shall really see if we meet their aspirations.