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Advisory board

An Exploitation, Industrialisation and Ethics Advisory Board chaired by the Technical Manager from InnovaSec Ltd is responsible for the sign off of both the user and system requirements. It acts as an advisory review body reporting to the Project Steering Committee. The Board will guide the project work at key review points to ensure the project remains focused on producing a demonstration system that meets end-user needs, while addressing ethical considerations, through a Systems Engineering approach with a commercially viable system implementation.

The Board will include the following members:

The two exploitation partners - Finavia (End-user customer) and Rapiscan Systems (System Integrator/ Airport and Border Security);

Two organisations who will sit on the board as advisors – European Association of Airport and Seaport Police (EAASP) and UTRC (System Integrator):

  • EAASP is a transnational EU body representing the stakeholders in border and transport hub security. Members include the UK Border Agency, the Royal Marechaussee (NL), British Airports Authority, Securitas and others. EAASP will guide the project on threats, legislation, Airport security operations, and border security applications.
  • UTRC provides security and fire detection solutions throughout the world under the Chubb and Kidde brands. UTRC wishes to exploit the technology for Building and Infrastructure protection products;
  • The Ethics advisor partner EKUT will bring in EU thinking on the ethical barriers to body scanner systems and how they can be overcome to guide the Board on the ethics issues that must be addressed if the project is to be commercialised.

The Board will also seek inputs from other key stakeholders through interviews (or Board meetings) to guide the user and system requirement setting and key design decisions:

  • EU Legislative Authorities e.g. EC DG MOVE on EU aviation security policy, European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) on civil aviation security policies and practices
  • National Authorities e.g. Trafi in Finland
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • National Security Authorities e.g. UK Home Office
  • Airport Operators e.g. Italian Airport Association (Assaeroporti)
  • Potential Industry exploitation partners.