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Wind Turbine at Aapua-fjell Sweden. Photo by Kent Larsson, ABvee.


IEA Wind R,D&D Task 19

This is the home page of Task19 Wind Energy in Cold Climates, under IEA Wind R,D&D The purpose of this project is to gather and provide information about wind energy in cold climates*, including project development, operation and maintenance (O&M), health, safety and environment (HSE), operational experiences, and recent research.

NEW REPORT OUT NOW: IEA Wind Recommended Practices for wind energy projects in cold climates edition 2011 can be now found here (pdf). The Recommended Practices document includes actions and procedures for wind energy projects in cold climates recommended by the experts involved in the Task 19.

NEW REPORT OUT NOW: State-of-the-art of wind energy in cold climates (pdf) summarizes existing experiences and state-of-the-art technology and research in wind energy in cold and icing conditions.

Examples of locations where wind turbines are operating in cold climates:


*Cold Climate areas are regions where icing events or periods with temperatures below the operational limits of standard wind turbines occur, which may impact project implementation, economics and safety.

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Control anemometer and wind vane at Olostunturi-fjell Finland



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