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Doha webtop version update 4th October, 2018

Recommended browser for every platform: Google Chrome

Supported browser versions for: MS Windows10 or Windows7

- IE11

- Google Chrome 50 or newer version

- Firefox ESR 52.4x - newer versions are NOT supported

Supported browser versions for: Apple Mac OS

- Apple Safari 11.0.1

Please note that import, export, edit or view needs a new feature to be installed

when logged first time into the Webtop after the version upgrade.

You must read the instructions below and install the needed programs:

Windows10 or Windows7 users with IE11-browser:

- install the Opentext Documentum webtop browser helper object

- install the Webtop Native Client

Installation instructions IE browser Doha-webtop


Chrome and FireFox-users:

- install only one additional program

Installation instructions Chrome browser Doha Webtop


Installation instructions Firefox browser Doha-webtop


Webtop login

If You still have questions or problems Please, contact your project manager at VTT.